Nature-Based Interiors

Nature-Based Interiors

What is Biophilic Design?

In the modern societies we live in, a more systematic life model is adopted to develop the technology. The longing for nature increases with each passing day. The design world developed biophilic designs with the awareness of this need of bringing people closer to nature. Thanks to biophilic designs integrated with nature, the human mind and soul are coming together again.

What do these designs represent exactly?

Biophilic designs are developed to protect human health and nourish the human spirit; It is known as decorations that harmonize natural systems with human life. This aspect enhances the environmental feelings and increases the living standards. Decoration choices play a big part in the body's ideal functioning, soul, and mind triangle. Biophilic architectural elements, which are among the interior architectural designs, draw attention to the desire to keep nature alive despite the increasing urbanization. The use of biophilic and modern architecture in a blend is made possible by biophilic designs. In residences, offices, and other similar living spaces, various shades of green are expressed in design and decoration concepts. It is commonly used in office settings where human motivation and oxygen consumption are essential. It is possible to create biophilic office designs by incorporating green plants into all appropriate areas of the office.

Useful touches where nature and working life come together!

An office design integrated with natural elements reinforces the concentration of employees and increases their motivation. Unique designs that impress everyone with their natural appearance ensure that biophilic office design gets ahead of classic office decorations. In this design system, not only employees but also potential customers and visitors of the office gain positive effects.

Biophilic perspective in the work of interior designers

We can say that the colors that await us in the 2020-2021 season are earthy tones. If these colors in our living space are used in the right place and the right amount, the design begins to express our language. The presentation of this balance also makes it possible for the space to create the desired effect on people. The preferred colors, textures, living plants being included in the living spaces in the design alleviate the desire of people to escape to natureΒ from concrete structures. Biophilic designs provide positive effects on living comfort and working life.