How to embrace imperfections

How to embrace imperfections

While technology's convenience made our lives easier, it also caused us to lose sight of our true nature. Stereotyped visuality perceptions ingrained themselves in our minds, despite our best efforts.

Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese philosophy, has bestowed new inspirations that will profoundly shake our beauty habits, living standards, and even our decorating ideas, all of which have been abstract until now. If you're wondering what Wabi-Sabi is, here's a quick rundown.

Wabi-Sabi, which advocates the adoption of naturalness, simplicity, and imperfections against Western culture, which defends the guard of perfection and innovation, can be called the art of embracing imperfections in a way.

This philosophy, which is created by combining three symbols of existence, which is unpretentious, defends its simplicity and manages to be beautiful even with deficiencies, dictates that we love our essence.

There is no place for glamorous things in this trend, which aims to be humble and love its people's flaws, including objects. It will make you want to seek and appreciate the beauty in your imperfect life, clothes, and anything you do not like. It will allow you to love what you are, to be open to new ideas, to accept the blessings of nature without trying to change it. Accept everything as simple as possible, without exaggerating, as it comes from the ground, and without being constrained by rules. Instead of regular choices, you can welcome things that whisper their story to you.

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