Guide to Timeless Sustainable Fashion

Guide to Timeless Sustainable Fashion

The world of fashion embraces a new era where the desired point is defined not by design but by sustainability. Maybe late and slowly, but steadily.

There are very few concepts that are as fashionable as sustainability lately. We heard this word almost as "no problem." For two reasons: First, there is a problem, and it is very serious. Two, we all now know that it cannot be sustained like this.

Β Today, designers and brands that sincerely focus on sustainability and take concrete steps are reshaping our fashion choices. Stella McCartney has been one of the leading names in this field since the early 2000s. Thanks to McCartney's insistence on environmentally conscious innovation, we can now wear leatherless leather made of polyurethane coated with vegetable oil, furless fur knitted with organic fibers extracted from sugar cane, and clothing made from recycled ocean plastic.

Many brands, following McCartney's footsteps, now use only organic cotton in their designs, prefer viscose producers who stay away from threatened forests (150 million trees are cut down to make viscose each year) and reduce the use of petroleum-based synthetic materials. Considering that the world's textile production emits 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases annually (this figure is even more than the sum of international flights and sea shipping), I am sure that these practices must become widespread in the fashion industry.

As Replenish, we adopt environmentally friendly practices. In short, we try to redefine the concepts of fashion and luxury in the axis of responsibility and sustainability by curating products featuring only natural materials. Beyond this long-running collective awareness movement that we are trying to adopt and spread, we have a few concrete suggestions that we can all start practicing quickly today. None of us are perfect, but our approach is 'one is greater than zero'. We recommend you the same point of view. Small decisions can be the beginning of significant changes. Here are seven golden rules from us trying to rein in fashion consumption as much as we can:

  • Make the investment it deserves in key pieces because you'll be wearing them the most. Instead of a black turtleneck sweater that is thrown off in three washes, choosing a long-lasting cashmere will make you and nature feel better.
  • Share the clothes you haven't worn for two seasons with their new owners, who will love them and bring them to light. The name of recycling in fashion is a second life, a second chance!
  • A good wardrobe layout is the key to less and conscious consumption. The wardrobe where you can easily see and find everything will prevent you from getting that sixth plain white tee! I think Marie Kondo is still the best in this field, so if you haven't been a disciple yet, hurry up.
  • When shopping, choose pieces that you can wear at least 30 times. I know we all turn a blind eye to the 'objects of desire' of the season - but influencers wear them enough and wear them out anyway. Spend your money on clothes that you can spend years with.
  • It is no longer a shame to borrow or rent the outfit you will wear once (for example, at a wedding); everyone does it. If not everyone did, the clothing rental companies would not have been among the fastest-growing companies in the industry.
  • Pay attention to the materials of the clothes and accessories you will buy. Labels are there for this; make it a habit to read. Choose natural materials instead of synthetic ones. While we pay so much attention to the organic nature of what we eat, we do not want to feed our skin, our biggest organ, with chemicals. (If possible, choose organic detergents, wash delicate by hand, use dry cleaning as the last choice.)
  • You shouldn't choose clothes that you don't fit in just because you're planning on losing weight, you may never lose the weight, and besides, fitting clothes are long gone - now everything is more 'oversized' and fluid.
If you decide to bring just one piece of advice from this list to life today, welcome to our conscious, responsible, and of course, fantastic fashion lovers club!